License Renewal

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Trust Account Requirement

I certify, under penalty of perjury, that I am familiar with the provisions of Rule 1.15 of the Idaho Rules of Professional Conduct requiring all lawyers holding property of clients or third persons to maintain a separate account (commonly known as a trust account) from the lawyer's own property.

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I am exempt from the trust account requirements under I.B.C.R. 1303(b)(1) because I do not handle any funds or property of clients or third persons in connection with a representation;

I am exempt from the trust account requirements under I.B.C.R. 1303(b)(2) because I do not have an office within Idaho;

I am exempt from the trust account requirements under I.R.P.C. 1.15(a) because I maintain a trust account in another state where my primary office is located; or

0) ) checked=checked #end onclick="isb_showrestofform();isb_remove()"/> I have and intend to keep in force, in an eligible financial institution approved by the Idaho State Bar under I.B.C.R. 1306, the following trust account(s) for the purpose of holding property of clients or third persons that is in my possession in connection with a representation:

Accounts I Maintain

All of the Idaho client trust accounts I currently maintain or have maintained during the past twelve (12) months are listed below:

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* Non-IOLTA is only applicable to accounts that are exempt under I.B.C.R. 1304(b) or (d).

IOLTA Requirement (For the accounts listed above, please check the appropriate box.)

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All trust accounts are established as Interest on Lawyers' Trust Accounts (IOLTA) accounts under I.B.C.R. 1304 and are maintained in Idaho State Bar approved financial institutions under the requirements of I.B.C.R 1306 - including interest rate comparability;

The trust account(s) marked as "Non-IOLTA" are exempt from the IOLTA requirements under I.B.C.R. 1304(b) because they can earn net income for the client or third party in excess of the costs to secure such income, and the accounts marked as "IOLTA" are IOLTA accounts; or

I have been exempted from the requirement to maintain an IOLTA account by the Idaho State Bar under I.B.C.R. 1304(d).

Directions to Financial Institutions

Pursuant to I.B.C.R. 1307(b), I expressly authorize the above listed financial institution(s) to report to Bar Counsel if any properly payable instrument is presented against a trust account containing funds insufficient to honor the instrument in full, irrespective of whether the instrument is honored; and

Pursuant to I.B.C.R. 1305(a)(2), I hereby direct the financial institution where the above listed IOLTA accounts are maintained to:

  • Remit all interest or dividends, net of any allowable reasonable service charges or fees, on the average monthly balance in the account, or as otherwise computed in accordance with the financial institution's standard practice, at least quarterly, solely to the Idaho Law Foundation, Inc. (Foundation);
  • Report in a form showing my name and the amount of the remittance attributable to me, the account number for each account, the rate and type of interest or dividend applied, the amount and type of allowable reasonable service charges or fees deducted, the average account balance for the reporting period and such other information as is reasonably required by the Foundation;
  • Report to me in accordance with the financial institution's normal procedures for reporting to depositors; and
  • Ensure that allowable reasonable service charges or fees in excess of the interest earned on the account for any period are not taken from interest earned on other IOLTA accounts or any principal balance of the accounts.

Information for Financial Institution(s): The Taxpayer Identification Number certification (IRS Form W-9 and 1099 information returns), if required, will show the Idaho Law Foundation, Inc., Taxpayer I.D. No. 23-7439392, as the recipient of interest.

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You must check the box below in order to proceed


I am $!esc.html( $ ) and I certify the information provided in the above Trust Account Certification Form is complete and correct.

Note: For purposes of the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (Idaho Code Title 28, Chapter 50), checking the box above constitutes an electronic signature.