License Renewal

#set( $activeStep = "REVIEW" ) #parse( "/data/templates/isb/license/renewal/include/" )


Review your license renewal and make any needed changes before proceeding to payment.

#if ( $ren.contactInfoDate )

Membership Information

#if ( $ren.memberStatusChange )
Status Change:
You have changed your status to $!esc.html( $sc )
ISB Member #
$!esc.html( $ren.memberNumber )
$!esc.html( $ )
$!esc.html( $ren.firm )
$!esc.html( $ )
$!esc.html( $ren.fax.formattedNumber )
#end #if($
$!esc.html( $ )
#end #if($ren.iCourtEmail)
eService Email
$!esc.html( $ren.iCourtEmail )
#end #if($ren.webSite)
Web Site
Mailing Address
$!esc.html( $ren.mailingAddress.street ) $!esc.html( $ren.mailingAddress.streetLine2 ) $!esc.html( $ren.mailingAddress.cityStateAndZip )
Street Address
$!esc.html( $ren.streetAddress.street ) $!esc.html( $ren.streetAddress.streetLine2 ) $!esc.html( $ren.streetAddress.cityStateAndZip )
Home Address
$!esc.html( $ren.homeAddress.street ) $!esc.html( $ren.homeAddress.streetLine2 ) $!esc.html( $ren.homeAddress.cityStateAndZip )

<< edit Membership Information

#end #if ( $ren.otherStatesDate )

Other States

<< edit Other States

#end #if ( $ren.insuranceConfirmedDate )


#if($"Y") #elseif($"C") #end
Professional Liability Insurance? #if($ == "C")House Counsel#elseif($ == "Y")Yes#{else}No#end
Carrier $!esc.html( $ren.carrierName )
Employer $!esc.html( $ren.employerName )

You must submit proof of current professional liability insurance coverage at the minimum limit of $100,000 per occurrence/$300,000 annual aggregate. Proof may be in the form of a certification from your insurer that includes the name of the carrier, name of the insured(s), term and policy limits. If you submit the Declaration page from your policy to prove compliance with this rule, please redact any information not required by this rule, including the premium amount. Please email your proof of coverage to


You do not need to submit proof of insurance coverage.


<< edit Insurance

#end #if ( $ren.trustAccountConfirmedDate )

Trust Accounts

#if ( $ren.trustAccountsStatus == 'N' ) I am exempt from the trust account requirements under I.B.C.R. 1303(b)(1) because I do not handle any funds or property of clients or third persons in connection with a representation. #elseif ( $ren.trustAccountsStatus == 'O' ) I am exempt from the trust account requirements under I.B.C.R. 1303(b)(2) because I do not have an office within Idaho. #elseif ( $ren.trustAccountsStatus == 'Y' ) I have and intend to keep in force, in an eligible financial institution approved by the Idaho State Bar under I.B.C.R. 1306, the following trust account(s) for the purpose of holding property of clients or third persons that is in my possession in connection with a representation. #elseif ( $ren.trustAccountsStatus == 'P' ) I am exempt from the trust account requirements under I.R.P.C. 1.15(a) because I maintain a trust account in another state where my primary office is located. #end

#if ( $ren.trustAccountsStatus == 'Y' )

#foreach ( $ta in $ren.trustAccounts ) #if ( $ != "REMOVE" ) #end #end
Bank Name Number IOLTA
$!esc.html( $!bankcodes.get( $ta.bankCode )) $!esc.html( $ ) $!esc.html( $ta.accountNumber )

<< edit Trust Accounts

#end #if ( $ren.idahoAgentDate )

Idaho Agent

#if ( $ren.agentName )
$!esc.html( $ren.agentName )
Mailing Address:
$!esc.html( $ren.agentAddress.street ) $!esc.html( $ren.agentAddress.streetLine2 ) $!esc.html( $ren.agentAddress.cityStateAndZip )
Street Address:
$!esc.html( $ren.agentStreetAddress.street ) $!esc.html( $ren.agentStreetAddress.streetLine2 ) $!esc.html( $ren.agentStreetAddress.cityStateAndZip )

None. Now an Idaho resident.


<< edit Idaho Agent

#end #if ( $ren.mcleConfirmedDate )

MCLE Credits

Total MCLE Credits
Self Study
#set( $yearplus = ($renewalYear + 1) ) #set( $yearminus2 = ($renewalYear - 2) ) #set( $yearplus3 = ($renewalYear + 3) ) ##if( !$ren.creditTotals.compliant ) #if( !$ren.member.mcleCompliant ) #if ( !$ren.mcleWrong)

Based on the attendance records received by the Idaho State Bar, you do not have the Idaho approved credits required to certify your MCLE compliance online. Please use the MCLE certificate of compliance from your licensing packet instead. If you need to complete additional MCLE credits between January 1, $yearplus and March 1, $yearplus, you may request an MCLE Extension by paying $100. All the credits from any $yearplus courses attended to complete your MCLE requirements will be counted as part of your ${yearminus2}-$renewalYear report. They cannot be applied to your ${yearplus}-$yearplus3 report. All MCLE requirements must be completed by March 1, $yearplus no further extensions will be given. If you have questions about your MCLE compliance, please contact the MCLE Department at or (208) 334-4500.

Email completed MCLE certificates to

#else #if( !$ren.hasMcleExtension() )

I completed/will complete the additional credits required by December 31, $renewalYear and my MCLE certificate of compliance will be submitted separately.

Email completed MCLE certificates to


I will not/did not complete the required MCLE credits by December 31, $renewalYear and request an extension until March 1, $yearplus to complete the additional credits needed. I understand the extension fee is $100 and agree to submit my completed MCLE certificate of compliance by March 1, $yearplus.

Email completed MCLE certificates to

#end #end #else #if ( !$ren.mcleWrong)

I certify I completed the courses and credits listed above and I have met the MCLE compliance requirements for my reporting period that ended on $!date.format('M/d/yyyy',$ren.member.mcleEndDate).


The above course/credits are incorrect. I will complete and submit the MCLE certificate of compliance separately.

Email completed MCLE certificates to

#end #end

<< view details of MCLE Credits

#end #if ( !$ren.creditTotals.sectionDuesConfirmedDate )

Section Membership

#foreach ( $section in $ren.sectionMemberships ) #if ( $ == 'FLAG' ) #end #end
$!esc.html( $section.description ) #if ( $section.feeDescription != "Section Fee" )
$!esc.html( $section.feeDescription ) #end
$!number.currency( $section.fee )

<< edit Section Membership

#end #if ( $ren.donationConfirmedDate )

ILF Contribution

$!number.currency( $ren.ilfDonation )

<< edit ILF Contribution

#end #if ( $ren.casemakerConfirmedDate )

Casemaker Fee

#if ( $ren.casemakerSelected ) $!number.currency( $ren.casemakerAmount ) #else $!number.currency( 0 ) #end

More information on Casemaker.

<< edit Casemaker Selection #end

#if ( $needsToAgree )

Confirmation is required. Please check the box below


I am $!esc.html( $ ) and I certify that I completed the online licensing renewal and the above information is complete and correct.

Note: For purposes of the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (Idaho Code Title 28, Chapter 50), checking the box above constitutes an electronic signature.