License Renewal

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Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE)

The Idaho State Bar MCLE attendance records include the following courses. To meet the MCLE requirement, you must have at least 30 credits including at least 3 ethics credits, no more than 15 self-study credits and no more than 6 published legal writing credits. If the courses listed below are not correct, please contact the State Bar.

Courses On Record with Your License:

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Dates Course Sponsor Location Total Ethics Self Writing
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Credit Totals:

Total MCLE Credits
Self Study
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Based on the attendance records received by the Idaho State Bar, you do not have the Idaho approved credits required to certify your MCLE compliance online. Please use the MCLE certificate of compliance from your licensing packet instead. If you need to complete additional MCLE credits between January 1, $yearPlus and March 1, $yearPlus, you may request an MCLE Extension by paying $100. All the credits from any $yearPlus courses attended to complete your MCLE requirements will be counted as part of your ${yearMinus2}-$renewalYear report. They cannot be applied to your ${yearPlus}-$yearPlus3 report. All MCLE requirements must be completed by March 1, $yearPlus. If you have questions about your MCLE compliance, please contact the MCLE Department at or (208) 334-4500.

I am $!esc.html( $! ) and I completed/will complete the additional credits required by December 31, $renewalYear and my MCLE certificate of compliance will be submitted separately.

I am $!esc.html( $! ) and pursuant to I.B.C.R. 408 I have designated the state where my primary office for the practice of law is located as my MCLE reporting state and I will submit a certificate of MCLE compliance from my primary practice state.

I am $!esc.html( $! ) and I will not/did not complete the required MCLE credits by December 31, $renewalYear and request an extension until March 1, $yearPlus to complete the additional credits needed. I understand the extension fee is $100 and agree to submit my completed MCLE certificate of compliance by March 1, $yearPlus.


I am $!esc.html( $! ) and I certify I completed the courses and credits listed above and I have met the MCLE compliance requirements for my reporting period that ended on $!date.format('M/d/yyyy',$ren.member.mcleEndDate).

The above courses/credits are incorrect. I will complete and submit the MCLE certificate of compliance separately.
Email completed MCLE certificates to


Email completed MCLE certificates to

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