License Renewal

#set( $activeStep = "IDAHOAGENT" ) #parse( "/data/templates/isb/license/renewal/include/" )

Designation of Idaho Agent for Service of Process

Please review your Idaho agent information and make changes as needed.

Idaho Bar Commission Rule 302 which requires any member of the Idaho State Bar who wishes to practice law in Idaho and who is not a bona fide resident of the state of Idaho must file with the Idaho State Bar Office of Bar Counsel the name and address of an agent within the state of Idaho for the purpose of receiving service of process or any other document intended for the lawyer as a party, arising from the lawyer's practice of law. The name and address of my Idaho agent is listed below and service or delivery to the agent described below shall be deemed service upon or delivery to me.

#if ( !$ren.isAdmittee() ) #springBind( "agent.status" ) I am now a resident of Idaho and I submitted my Idaho home address on the Membership Information page. (Skip fields below.)


* Indicates a required field.

Idaho Agent

#mojoOpenFieldSet() #mojoCommandFormField( "agent" $agent "agentName" ) #mojoCloseFieldSet()

Street Address*

* A street address is required for our records.

#mojoFieldError( "agent.agentStreetStreet1" )#if (!$status.error)#mojoFieldError( "agent.agentStreetCity" )#end

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#mojoInput( "agent" $agent "agentStreetStreet1" )
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#mojoInput( "agent" $agent "agentStreetStreet2" )
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#mojoInput( "agent" $agent "agentStreetCity" )
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#mojoInput( "agent" $agent "agentStreetZipCode" )

Mailing Address

#mojoOpenFieldSet() #mojoCommandFormField( "agent" $agent "agentStreet1" ) #mojoCommandFormField( "agent" $agent "agentStreet2" ) #mojoCommandFormField( "agent" $agent "agentCity" ) #mojoCommandFormField( "agent" $agent "agentState" ) #mojoCommandFormField( "agent" $agent "agentZipCode" ) #mojoCloseFieldSet()

#mojoFieldError( "agent.status" )#if($status.error)
#end #springBind( "agent.status" ) I am $!esc.html( $ ) and I certify the information provided the above Designation of Idaho Agent for Service of Process Form is complete and correct.

Note: For purposes of the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (Idaho Code Title 28, Chapter 50), checking the box above constitutes an electronic signature.