License Renewal

#if ( $ren.memberStatus ) #set( $activeStep = "ADMITTEEFEES" ) #parse( "/data/templates/isb/license/renewal/include/" ) #end

Licensing Fees

The following fees must be paid in order to become a new member of the Idaho State Bar Association. Other fees may be added as you make choices. Expect this process to take approximately 10-15 minutes and to cover the topics at right in "Your Renewal Steps." If you sign out during the process, your changes are saved.

Please note: If you decide to change your status during the application process some information could be reset, due to requirements specific for each status selected.

Minimum Fees

Admittee fees for $!esc.html( $ )
Select Status $!esc.html( $!statusCodes.get( $ren.memberStatus ).getDescription() )
License Fee $!number.currency( $fee.renewalFee )
Client Assistance Fund $!number.currency( $fee.cafAssessment )
Subtotal $!number.currency( $fee.subtotal )
Purchased through Price $!number.currency( $ )

Cancel Renewal