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Terms of Use: Premium UCC/Lien Search

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Terms of Use

Information will be used in accordance with law.

IMPORTANT: Use of this search engine may result in the disclosure of information which is private and confidential under federal and state law, such as social security numbers and tax identification numbers. By accessing this search engine, the user acknowledges and agrees that the information accessed will be used in accordance with applicable law, and not in an illegal manner.

Non-Certified vs. Certified

Searches conducted, using this service, are non-certified.

A certified search may be obtained by request to the Secretary of State's UCC section, using form UCC-4 or UCC-11, with an appropriate fee.

Certified searches are created by applying standardized search logic to the name presented to the filing officer by the person requesting the search. Human judgment does not play a role in determining the results of the search.

Search results are limited to 2500 filings.

Accuracy of Results

The search engine is updated nightly based on the data at the Secretary of State's Office. Under most circumstances, search results are current to within the last 24 hours.

Access to information in the database is limited to those potential users who acknowledge and agree to these terms and signify their agreement.

Subscriber Options

Transaction Reports
Look at charges related to the UCC/Lien search, and any other Access Idaho application, that you have been billed for.
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Use the free search to experiment with different types of searches. Then return to the premium search for details.
User's Guide
Some helpful hints for crafting successful searches.
UCC1 and UCC3 filing
File UCC-1 and UCC-3 Financing Statements online.
Business Entity Search
Search for an Idaho business entity online, and purchase a certificate of existence from the Idaho Secretary of State.
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