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General Tips


For best printing results, choose the "Download document (TIFF format)" option. You will need a TIFF viewer such as "Imaging for Windows®" (available on the Windows™ install CD) in order to use this option.

Refine your business entity search using one of the following methods:


To Widen A Search (More Results)

  • Use only part of the name of the business you are looking for in the name field. (For example: "Ger" instead of "Gerald.")

  • Insert the word "OR" between keywords and the search will return results that contain any of the words entered. (For example: If you enter "cattle OR Livestock" you will receive results similar to "The Cattle Ranch" and "The Livestock Barn.")

  • Fill out only the necessary search fields.


To Narrow A Search (Less Results)

  • Insert the word "AND" between keywords. The search will only return results that contain all of the words entered. (For example: If you enter "John's AND Cattle" you will receive results similar to "John's Pig and Cattle Ranch, Inc" and "Jeff and John's House of Cattle.")

  • Enter an exact phrase. (For example: If you enter "micron technology" only records containing the phrase "micron technology" will be returned, including Micron Technology Services, Inc., Micron Technology Foundation, Inc., etc.)

  • Fill out additional search fields.

  • Use double quotes, parentheses, brackets, or braces to match exact phrases and avoid having "AND" and "OR" split up your search phrase.

  • Use a carot (^) at the beginning of your criteria to only match at the beginning of a field. A dollar sign ($) may similarly be used to only match at the end of a field.

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