Idaho Transportation Department
SR 22/26 Batch Records

Record Format

SR 22/26 batch records (both the request and the response) have the same format. There is no header record required. Each record should be a single line, 200 bytes long (not counting the end of line character). The first 86 characters of the record is the information required to create the SR 22/26, and the last 114 are used to report the results (error messages or successful processing). All fields are left justified and space filled. Dates must be listed in the format YYYYMMDD (ie 20020101 is January 1, 2002).

Full Record Format

Fields noted with * are required. Other fields can be filled as narrowing criteria (ie, if you fill in the NAME field, the record will fail if the given name does not match the name on the driver's license).

Mixed Alphabetic and Numeric fields are described "A" for alphabtic character, N for numeric.

Field Type Length Position Notes
Record Type* INT 01 001-001 1 for SR 22, 2 for SR26
Idaho License Number* CHAR 09 002-010 Should be either AANNNNNNA or NNNNNNNNN format. Drivers from other states are assigned an Idaho number. License number can be found through the online DLR application.
NAME CHAR 26 011-036 'LAST, FIRST MIDDLE' (optional field, should exactly match name from License if entered)
Birth Date* DATE 8 037-044 YYYYMMDD format
Social Security Number INT 9 045-053 Optional field
Policy Number* CHAR 17 054-070  
Effective or Termination Date* DATE 08 071-078 YYYYMMDD format, must be within the last year
Written Date* DATE 08 079-086 YYYYMMDD format, must be within the last year
Unused Area CHAR 01 087-087  
Company Code CHAR 03 088-090 Optional field. Alphanumeric code used by ITD to identify your company.
Below information is all "response" record data
Processing Status CHAR 02 091-092 2 digit status code (explained in table below)
Error Message 1 CHAR 35 093-127 Human readble error explanation.
Error Message 2 CHAR 35 128-162 Human readble error explanation.
Receipt/Tracking Number INT 20 163-182  
Unused Area CHAR 16 183-200

Quick Start

There are 6 pieces of essential data for an SR 22/26 request: record type, policy number, Idaho driver's license number, birth date, effective (SR 22) or termination (SR 26) date, and written date.

Example SR22:

1TP100036K                          19500101         ATESTPOLICYNUMBER2002102220020905

Successful result record from this looks like ("LAST, FIRST MIDDLE" is the driver's name format):

1TP100036KFIFTY, FIFTY FIFTY        19500101         ATESTPOLICYNUMBER2002102220020905    00

Example SR26 (that would cancel the above SR22)

2TP100036K                          19500101         ATESTPOLICYNUMBER2002110620021114

Successful result record from this looks like:

2TP100036KFIFTY, FIFTY FIFTY        19500101         ATESTPOLICYNUMBER2002110620021114    00

Failure result record from this looks like:

2TP100036KFIFTY, FIFTY FIFTY        19500101         ATESTPOLICYNUMBER2002110620021114    01Name FIFTY, FIFTY FIFTY does not exactly match DLR.

Status Codes

Code Description
00 Success
01 Syntax Error
02 License Not Found
03 Not pertinent, not updated
04 Not pertinent, updated
05 Duplicate filing
06 Security Violation
07 Missing Search Fields