Help for Commercial Full Fee Vehicle Registrations Renewal Application

Additional information and clarification about:
Combined Gross Weight
Operation Type
Additional Concerns

Also visit the Idaho Transportation Department Division of Motor Vehicles website.

  Combined Gross Weight

Indicate the unladen weight plus the weight of the heaviest load to be carried on any vehicle combination.

Note: For vehicles 55,000 pounds and over, provide proof of payment or suspension of Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) by mailing or faxing a copy of the receipted Federal From 2290, Schedule 1, for the current year to Commercial Vehicle Service before renewing online. If you have not filed the form, you may file directly through Commercial Vehicle Services, with any checks made payable to the US Treasury.

If you need to change a weight from 54,000 pounds or lower to a weight above 54,000 pounds, you must do this type of transaction through Commercial Vehicle Services.

  Operation Type

Vehicle hauls Code
Only farmer's own farm commodities/equipment Farm
Only exempt commodities (other than farm) Exempt
Non-exempt commodities, but only carrier's own Private
Non-exempt commodities for hire, but only in Idaho Haul for Hire
Non-exempt commodities for hire across state lines (or as part of an interstate operation) Interstate

Examples of exempt commodities: Logs, Unprocessed Agriculture, Livestock, Wood Chips, Mining Products, Intrastate Sand and Gravel, and Milk Haul.

Examples of non-exempt commodities: Equipment, General Freight, Hazardous Materials, and Interstate Sand and Gravel.

For more information regarding commodity exemptions, contact Commercial Vehicle Services at (208) 334-8611 (for intrastate commodities) or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Office at (208) 334-1842 (for interstate commodities).


For power units over 60,000 combined gross weight, you must list the Idaho mileage driven during the previous July 1 through June 30 mileage reporting period.

If no Idaho miles were operated during that time, mileage must be estimated by using the standard 11,000 mileage estimate, or by providing your own estimate from the Full Fee Mileage Guidelines worksheet. If you use the worksheet and your estimate is 7,500 miles or lower, you must license the unit directly with Commercial Vehicle Services.

  Additional Concerns

If you need to:

  • Register a commercial vehicle for the first time
  • Change the vehicle type, vehicle year, make, or VIN
  • Change the name or address on your registration

Please contact Commercial Vehicle Services.

Commercial Vehicle Services
PO Box 34, Boise Idaho 83731-0034
Ph: (208) 334-8611
Fx: (208) 334-2006