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Certain services require a subscription. For other services, subscribers benefit by receiving monthly statements instead of paying as-they-go.

An annual $95 subscription fee allows up to 100 users on your account to access one or more of the premium services plus all of the standard services offered by No prepayment is required, and the fee will appear on your first monthly invoice.


  • $95/year
  • Up to 100 users on your account
  • One monthly statement
  • Annual fee appears on your first monthly invoice

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Sign-up is easy. Simply download the agreement, select the services you wish to access, fill in the billing details, and sign and return the agreement by fax or email to Access Idaho.

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Premium Services

New Services!

Driver Record Dashboard (DRD) now has an updated look and monitors commercial driver license (CLD) statuses. A new point-to-point service is now available to search motor vehicle titles & registrations.

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Convenient Billing

As a subscriber, you will receive monthly statements listing all fee-based transactions, including detailed transaction reports, for easy accounting.

Billing options for your business include:

  • Credit Card
  • Electronic Auto Check
  • Monthly Invoice

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Look up your transactional detail.

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