Page Layout

See below for notes on each of the numbered sections.

annotated layout


  1. Customizable header

    There are three choices of header styles (one line of text, two lines with the top larger, two lines with the bottom larger).

  2. Your motto or mission statement

    If your statement is: “The Department of Hug Your Dog aims to facilitate and promote embracing domestic canines as often as physically possible,” you may want to make it friendlier and shorter. “Helping you hug your dog more often!”

  3. Spot for your own logo or photo

    Use the Official Seal of the State of Idaho here or use the header template and add your agency's logo, seal or photo.

  4. Top Navigation

    We recommend: Home, Your Choice, Your Choice,, Contact Us.

  5. Search

    A Custom Google search is available through for $50 per month. More information about your own Google search.

  6. Promotion area

    Use this area to talk about a special or new bit of information at your agency or leave blank. It is styled with promote.css.

  7. Footer

    We recommend: (Top Line) About Your Agency, Your Choice, Your Choice,, Contact Us. On the second line: Accessibility, Privacy & Security, Copyright