A little bit about the templates

We encourage all state government agencies, boards, commissions and officers to use these templates. The Idaho web policies, guidelines and standards will probably be updated to reflect these templates in the near future.

We will make small improvements to the templates as needed. These will be recorded in the Update Log.

Timeline for template use

When will my agency need to use the templates?

Agencies have two (2) years from the date a Policy is adopted by ITRMC to comply with the Policy. The adoption date is expected to be June 24, 2009.

You can read the proposed policies on the webmaster site. If you have questions about these, Bill Farnsworth at the CIO's Office is a good person to contact.

Feedback or Suggestions?

If you have feedback or suggestions about the templates, please email any or all of the folks below. We hope you find these helpful and welcome your constructive feedback.

Getting Started

A helpful booklet with tips for content, best practices, and who to call in Idaho government for assistance with your site.

What Is Here?

Who Is Using the Templates?