Each download contains

The default download is for using server-side includes, which most of the smaller Idaho agencies use.

  1. Your needed .html pre-sliced into server side includes.
  2. The images, css, footer include, navigation include, header include, javascript and the 5 page layouts (One-Column to the fours).
  3. You should have 5 html files and 3 folders: inc, javascript, images.
  4. The default settings are: solid color background, Idaho seal header, version three header style (smaller text over larger text).

Download html with ssi, css + images for your chosen palette

You will need to make sure that the server where your website is hosted is configured for server-side includes. If you host with the CIO's office, they have done this many times.

These are zipped files.

Download the html not cut into includes

This is a zipped file.

Replace the .html files above with these if you are not using includes.