Below are some additions you may want to add to your website. Some of these are for advanced users.

Flyout Vertical Menus

The site is currently using Adobe Spry menus. The advantage to these menus is that they are more forgiving to visitor's mouse movements than some menus (they remain for a few seconds after your mouse leaves them). The disadvantage is they are more complicated, and easier to break.

This is a zipped file to add flyouts to your original templates' vertical menu.

Copy these folders to your root directory where the same folders are stored. Merge and Copy/Replace.

Image of Vertical Flyout Menus

In the past, we have used a version of Suckerfish drop-down menus. These are primarily CSS (with a bit of javascript needed for IE).

Suckerfish Drop-Down Article

Dropdown Horizontal Menus with a Left-Column Vertical Menu

These templates include a dropdown horizontal menu in addition to the vertical menu. This is actually a full download, and not just an addition.

These are zipped files.