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Scholarships Apply for a pell grant Job Training   College and University   Grants  
IFTA Apply for an Idaho IFTA License Trucking Taxes  
Benefits Apply for benefit services Seniors   Assistance   Birth  
College Financial Aid Apply for federal student aid Education   Job Training   Taxes and Money   College and University  
Taxes Change your sales, sales-related, income tax withholding, or IFTA account information. Business Taxes   Business  
Property Taxes Estimate your property taxes Personal Taxes & Finance   Counties  
Consumers File a consumer complaint Taxes and Money  
Sales & Use File and pay Idaho sales and use tax Business Taxes   Business  
Taxes File taxes online Business   Personal Taxes & Finance   Taxes and Money  
Trucking File your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) Trucking Taxes  
IFTA File Your IFTA Return (Free!) Trucking Taxes  
Benefits Find out about government benefits you qualify for Assistance  
Unclaimed Property Find unclaimed property or money Taxes and Money   Unclaimed and Lottery  
Sales Permit Get a Temporary Seller's Permit Business Taxes   Business   Registration and Permits   Running a Business  
Lottery Look up the latest winning lottery numbers Unclaimed and Lottery  
IFTA Order Additional IFTA Decals Trucking Taxes  
Child Support Pay child support Children   Taxes and Money   Family and Records  
Taxes Pay income tax withholding Business   Personal Taxes & Finance   Taxes and Money  
Property Taxes Pay property taxes by county Personal Taxes & Finance   Taxes and Money  
Taxes Pay taxes online (options) Business   Personal Taxes & Finance   Taxes and Money  
IFTA Renew Your IFTA License Trucking Taxes  
Assistance Fraud Report a participant or welfare provider fraudulently receiving benefits Assistance   Family and Records   Health  
UI Taxes Report wages, pay & file quarterly unemployment insurance taxes Business Taxes   Business  
Tax Expert Request expert tax speaker for your meeting/event Business Taxes   Personal Taxes & Finance   Taxes and Money  
State Finances Research state revenue, budget and spending State Finances  
Certified Family Homes Schedule recurring CFH (Certified Family Homes) payments Assistance   Family and Records   Health  
CareLine Search the 2-1-1 CareLine database for health and human services Seniors   Directory   Children   Assistance   Family and Records   Health  
Federal Refund Where's my federal refund? Personal Taxes & Finance  
Taxes Where's my state refund? Personal Taxes & Finance  

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