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Public Safety & Law

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Emergency kit Disaster preparedness kit supply list Disaster and Homeland Security  
Consumers Download consumer educational and legal manuals Consumer Protection  
Driving Records - Group for subscribers only Employ drivers? Stay on top of suspensions, expirations with Driver Record Dashboard. Trucking   Law and Public Safety   Running a Business  
Consumers File a complaint against an insurance company or agent Consumer Protection   Law and Public Safety  
Consumer Complaint File a consumer complaint Consumer Protection  
Legal Help Find a lawyer by type and city Death   Judicial and Legal   Divorce  
Legislature Find an Idaho Law Laws and Rules   Judicial and Legal  
Life Insurance Find the current company responsible for an older life insurance policy Family and Records   Law and Public Safety  
Consumer Protection Order free annual credit reports Consumer Protection  
Crime Victims Pay restitution to the crime victims compensation program Offenders and Crime   Judicial and Legal   Law and Public Safety  
Telemarketing Register for the No Call list Consumer Protection   Law and Public Safety  
Hazmat Report hazardous material Disaster and Homeland Security  
Rules Search Administrative Rules Laws and Rules  
Attorneys Search attorney roster Judicial and Legal  
Court Records Search civil and criminal trial court cases Offenders and Crime   Judicial   Judicial and Legal  
Crimes Search crime database Offenders and Crime  
Court Records Search federal appellate, district and bankruptcy courts Judicial and Legal  
Offender Search Search the Department of Correction offender database Offenders and Crime   Law and Public Safety  
Sex Offender Search the Idaho sex offender registry Offenders and Crime   Law and Public Safety  
Sex Offender Search the national sex offender registry Offenders and Crime  
Legislative Track bills and receive email notifications Laws and Rules   Legislative  
Crime View map of Idaho arrest activity Offenders and Crime  

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