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Family & Records Services

Keyword Online Service Categories
Benefits Apply for benefit services Seniors   Assistance   Birth  
Family Law Download a family law packet (not for 4th judicial district) Divorce  
Legal help Download an interactive legal form (for 4th district - Ada) Divorce  
Legal Help Find a lawyer by type and city Death   Judicial and Legal   Divorce  
Notary Find a notary by name, city or commission number Death   Business   Family and Records  
Life Insurance Find the current company responsible for an older life insurance policy Family and Records   Law and Public Safety  
Counties Find your county About Idaho   Marriage  
Birth Certificate Order a copy of a birth certificate. Death   Children   Family and Records   Marriage   Divorce   Birth  
Death Certificate Order a copy of a death certificate. Death   Family and Records  
Marriage certificate Order a copy of a marriage certificate. Family and Records   Marriage  
Nutrition Order free nutrition materials from the United Dairymen of Idaho Agriculture   Health  
Child Support Pay child support Children   Taxes and Money   Family and Records  
Living Will Print a living will & durable power of attorney for health care form Death  
National Next of Kin Registry Register your emergency contacts & medical info at NOKR Medical   Family and Records  
Assistance Fraud Report a participant or welfare provider fraudulently receiving benefits Assistance   Family and Records   Health  
Certified Family Homes Schedule recurring CFH (Certified Family Homes) payments Assistance   Family and Records   Health  
CareLine Search the 2-1-1 CareLine database for health and human services Seniors   Directory   Children   Assistance   Family and Records   Health  
Health Care Search the IDACare database Medical   Health  
Doctor or medical professional Verify a medically-related license Verify a professional   Seniors   Medical   Birth  
Seniors Volunteer to be a Senior Health Insurance Benefit Advisor Seniors   Family and Records  

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